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Fish Talk

I would like to recommend OSP,LLC they produce the product BassMedics/ Rejuvenade livewell treatment this is the product the pros in BassMaster, FLW, PWT and Anglers choice use. I recommend it to anyone fishing tournaments it is well worth the money to keep your catch alive and not lose weight or spit up in your livewell. Check out their website.
Brad Yale

I have a manufacturer that I know has some great products, Odyssey Lures of Centerville, MN. They make mainly Muskie lures, but they also make some great bass products. If you like very tough soft plastics that float you have got to try their Dragon Lizards and Sloppee Jr. Check out their website.
Lance Peitso

I'd like to recommend DBS Sportfishing Company for their great service and the free shipping they give. They have given me great help and advice.

Editors Note: In a previous edition of the Fish Dreams Newsletter, the following appeared.)

Thanks to the continuing greed of Microsoft, we were forced to change the way we keep track of our Newsletter Mailing List. A while ago, Microsoft bought ListBot. Now, they want $149/year for what once was a free service. With the new service, we can send HTML, rather than just text in our newsletters. This will now enable us to embed the actual links to new items on Fish Dreams.
Hey, they gotta pay those anti-trust lawyers AND rake in huge profits somehow.
Glad to hear you were able to overcome the obstacles put before you by MicroSoft. Or, as I like to call them, The Evil Empire. Just because a couple billion people buy their products doesn't mean they make the best software. That's like saying eat horse manure, 10 billion flies can't be wrong.
As a computer security professional, I am terrified of running MS products on a PC. I won't bore you with details, but let's just say there's more holes in their code than in my landing net. Keep up the good work on Fish Dreams.
I love your stuff!
Ed Peter

I'd like to recommend this site: Mesa Tackle Supply. They have super soft worms, great quality and great deals. I picked up some Ricos - cheapest place on the Net.

You should check out Windle's Guide Service's site. The are the best fishing guides on the Olympic Peninsula, WA. I've never failed to be amazed at how much fun they made the trips.
Marina Gallagher

Editors Note: Click here to visit their site.

Would like to recommend Buggs Island Baits, Clarksville, VA. They manufacturer a great smallmouth bait called at New River Mad Tom. They look like a mad tom catfish, that is native to all Appalachian Mountain river drainage. These things are great.
Like you site!
Tom Osswald

Just a little note to let you know about K&E Tackle, in specific the TR-34 TROUT 3/4-ounce. This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever found. I purchased approximately 12 of these leaders with weights and everyone has pulled loose from the weight, loosing fish, probably with a hook in their mouth to stay awhile and a leader that might hang up on something, in turn killing fish for no reason. I am a very avid fishing person but I don't hurt fish illegally, but this is what I have done with this product. I don't care about the money I spent but I will get this out of my state if possible. K&E means pure junk to me.
Frank Reeves
Bay City, TX

Keep those comments and opinions coming. Who knows? You may even see yours online. Just your comments to Fish Dreams! Be sure to include your name, city and state.

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